PIM platform

Personalize shopping experiences

PIM platforms make it possible to propose relevant offers, create engaging content and offer a seamless customer journey. The goaland.com solution integrates Digital Asset Management (DAM). DAM centralizes digital assets and ensures the consistency of product data distributed across various sales channels. In addition to optimizing omnichannel management, it offers advanced functionalities to ensure the consistency of product information.

Online stores

Deciphering the major trends in e-commerce

Immersive experiences

E-commerce offers online consumers more interactive and immersive shopping experiences. This approach offers advantages to both customers and sellers.

Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption takes into account the environmental and social impact of the products you buy. When shopping, give priority to sustainable and ethical products.

Online payment security

To secure your online purchases, 3D Secure protects you against fraudulent use of your bank card.

iOS and Android

Mobile applications in the presence of AI

AI is revolutionizing the development of mobile applications, making them smarter and more useful. Thanks to AI, software can now adapt to each user’s needs and preferences. What’s more, this technology is capable of translating languages in real time, and recognizing objects and faces.


Will internet boxes disappear?

Thanks to 5G, you’ll be able to download large files in seconds. You’ll also be able to play online games without latency, for a fluid, immersive experience. Operators are offering hybrid packages combining an internet box and a 5G mobile package. With these packages, you can use 5G for your nomadic uses and the internet box for your home internet consumption.

Host your website

Reliable web hosting servers

To guarantee the performance and security of your site, you need to choose the right type of hosting for your needs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between shared solutions, VPS, dedicated servers and the cloud. Take the time to compare hosting providers to find the right solution for your budget and requirements. You’ll find the best formula by comparing prices and services. The best way to ensure the success of your digital project is to choose reliable, high-performance hosting providers that offer high-quality customer service.

Cloud Computing

On-demand IT services via the Internet

Simplify your IT

Reduce your costs

Boost your productivity


Solutions for optimal connectivity

Antivirus and antimalware

Antimalware uses more sophisticated techniques than antivirus to detect computer threats.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication requires two verification steps to access an account.

Password manager

This software creates and stores unique, complex passwords for each account.

Game consoles and accessories for enthusiasts

Plunge into the heart of the action and share unforgettable moments by investing in game consoles and accessories. Depending on your budget and your desires, you can choose the console that will thrill you. Enrich your gaming experience with a range of accessories: controllers, headsets, steering wheels… With all this equipment, you’ll be able to experience ever more immersive and intense games.